The B Stands for Benefit!

An Introduction to the Power and Promise of the B Corporation

By Dante’ A. Clemons

B Corporations are innovative entities that utilize the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Simply stated, B Corporations merge the strategy of a sustainable business with a for-profit mission. Currently, there are over 255 B Corporations representing over 54 industries. Continue reading


Tomorrow Begins Today

Mary McBride, Featured Speaker at the International Design Symposium in Japan, on Post Solution

By Giselle Carr

The International Design Center in Tokyo, Japan recently hosted the International Design Symposium 2010 with the theme ‘Post Solution – The Creator’s View.’ Mary McBride, Director of the Design Management Program at Pratt Institute, spoke at sessions one and three Continue reading

The U.S. National Design Policy Initiative

What Should the United States National Design Policy Look Like?

By Adam Zoltowski

The CATALYST Blog recently featured a post by Anna Whicher & Gisele Raulik-Murphy on the Sharing Experience Europe (SEE) Project, indicating the momentum behind Design policy developments in Europe. In their first bulletin, SEE discusses the U.S. National Design Policy Initiative Continue reading

The SEE Project Update

The SEE Project launches the second issue of the SEE bulletin

By Anna Whicher & Gisele Raulik-Murphy

At the end of January 2010, the Sharing Experience Europe (SEE) project launched the second edition of the SEE bulletin, one of six to be published between 2009 and 2011. Continue reading

Presenting Like Steve Jobs

Learning best practices for engaging an audience from the Apple guru himself.

By Erin Weber

Recently the professor of our Business Strategy class upped the ante on presentation delivery. She challenged our class to craft a presentation story that married content with visuals in a cohesive and fluid way. Continue reading

Design Like You Give a Damn

Architecture for Humanity leverages sustainable design for the benefit of mankind.

by Dante’ A. Clemons

Kosovo War. 1999.

What most of the world labeled a tragedy, Kate Stohr and Cameron Sinclair recognized as a unique opportunity to help. Stohr, a freelance journalist and documentary producer and Sinclair, an architectural designer, realized a second disaster loomed on the horizon. Continue reading

Blue State Digital

How a small Internet Start-up affected ‘Change’ and created a successful business, the site designed by Blue State Digital that changed how elections are won.

by Adam Zoltowski

Blue State Digital (BSD) is a striking example of a company that uses a holistic approach to design to create sustainable competitive advantage. The company was founded in 2004, after the defeat of John Kerry in the Presidential elections. The web team of the Democratic National Committee formed BSD to provide online strategies for political candidates, Continue reading